Helpful Tips

Do check the automatic transmission fluid every 1,000 miles.

Low levels, a dark color and a burnt smell are all tell tail signs of trouble ahead.

Do be aware of any changes in your vehicles driving characteristics.

Should you notice slippage, strange noises of any kind and early or late shifting contact C & A Transmission to diagnose it immediately.

Don't forget that early diagnosis and repair are your best bet.

This leads to minimal operating costs and a long safe, useful service for your vehicle. Left unattended, even the smallest of malfunctions can lead to serious major repairs.

Transmission Repair and Service


• C & A Transmission & Auto Repair is located in Spring, TX and has been serving the greater Houston area for over 25 years! We are a family-owned and operated transmission repair shop, where you will always receive top quality repairs and a professional service.

• We have a highly experienced staff that takes pride in each and every vehicle they work on. We use the latest computer diagnostic technology available to ensure your vehicle is diagnosed quickly and accurately. You will be treated with respect and always get honest answers from us about your car. We are a full service transmission repair shop servicing Spring, Houston and the surrounding area. Each transmission specialist at C & A is professionally trained and ready to provide their expertise at repairing and servicing transmissions for any and all of your manual and automatic transmission repair needs.


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